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    Bespoke Furniture

    Izinkuni, a Zulu word, meaning wood.

    Providing good quality furniture from re-claimed timber  came about when Architect, David Baker was asked by a client to design his African bush lodge  in 2013. The lodge was to incorporate a selection of bespoke timber furniture to add to the vernacular of the interior. The idea caught on and since then, Baker and Partners have been designing and providing bespoke furniture to the local market and have recently started branching out to the export market.


    Not a single tree is destroyed by us. All our furniture is hand-made using only reclaimed timber salvaged from dock-yards and various transport depots. Most of the wood originates from the Baltic areas of Europe and is a very hard pine with a dense grain. We use a special wood staining technique to give the furniture an authentic character. Our team of experienced carpenters work diligently to maintain not just an authentic product but a product of high quality


    Our most popular demands are for chunky tables, benches and beds but we also produce cabinets and wardrobes on request. Each item is handmade and available in knock-down (KD) format for easy transport and assembly. Further details can be obtained by emailing us on admin@bakerandpartners.co.za  or david@bakerandpartners.co.za

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