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    House Blumeris

    · Residential ·   Hillcrest, KZN·   2012

    This Woodside Road home within the affluent Kloof suburb of Kwa Zulu Natal was originally built circa 1980.
    Clinker-brick, domino-style gable ends and a labyrinth of internal passages were prominent in this 20th century kitsch design. The client who had a prominent banking position, wanted a conversion from the outdated design to a more 21st century, minimalist home
    To achieve this, the building was literally gutted internally to make way for large, open–plan spaces. The concrete tiled roof was removed and the gable ends brought down to conventional ridge level. Powder coated roof sheeting was installed which gave the surface a seamless finish and worked well where the roof was extended over the outside veranda areas. Colours were kept to whites and off-whites to complete the minimalist palette of materials

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