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    House Collis

    · Residential ·   Hillcrest, KZN·   2012·  

    Overlooking the tee-off to the 5th and 6th hole at the Cotswold Golfing estate, this  English-villa styled home boasts uber technology and a plethora of warmth in character. A timeless quality is fed into the architecture through collaborations of  red-brick walls and sand blasted lintols with timber doors,  generous amounts of glass and well placed steel beams.  A purpose made pedestrian gate leads the visitor to a large entrance door. From here one feels the pureness of the homes’ character. Every detail has been carefully thought through. One senses the numerous coffees and chats between client and architect to realise this perfect combination of ideas. A state of the art off-the-grid water and energy harvesting system is the final compliment to this contemporary home  that simply says: “nature, we care!”

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